‘Baby and mum got stabbed’: Bondi Juction Westfield horror

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Two men have described horrific scenes inside Bondi Junction Westfield — saying a baby and her mother were stabbed and that they frantically used clothes from a store to stop the bleeding.

Four people are dead and many more injured after a mass stabbing inside a packed Westfield.

In an interview during a live cross on Channel Nine, the witnesses described the carnage.

“The baby got stabbed and, yeah the mum got stabbed,” one of the men told Nine.

“The mum came over with the baby and threw it at me. And [I was] just holding the baby. Yeah. Looked pretty bad.

They said they helped by holding the baby and trying to stem the blood flow.

They said the injuries were “very bad”.

“There’s a lot of blood on the floor and I hope the baby’s alright,” they said.

“We saw the man run up to the woman with the baby, and then we were both ready to go and then we were both ready to go and help out. But I just said to my brother, we’ve got to run in, ran in, told the guys to just lock up the doors.

“And the mother came with the doors. And the mother came with the baby bleeding, stabbed, and we got them into the store and just got them safe and then rang for help.”

They then yelled to get some clothes to stop the bleeding.

“I just kept yelling out to get some clothes, get some shirts and just help us to compress and stop the baby from bleeding.”

It is understood the baby is a nine months old.

“I think the baby’s fine, one of the men said. “The mother, unfortunately, started to have a lot of blood coming out of her mouth.”

The two men have been hailed as heroes.

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