Australia Post reveals limited edition stamp set for King Charles III’s 75th birthday

Australia Post has released a special limited edition stamp collection to celebrate King Charles III’s 75th birthday.

The collection will feature two unique stamps of the royal patriarch for his special day alongside a colourful print to commemorate his coronation.

Australia Post said the one-off collection “serves as a tribute to his dedicated service, education, and the betterment of society”.

“This collection encapsulates the essence of King Charles III’s legacy, embodying his continued commitment to tradition and progress.”

The first stamp, a black-and-white photograph, features a young 17-year-old Prince Charles arriving in Sydney where he was greeted by then Prime Minister Harold Holt, ahead of attending the famous Timbertop school in central Victoria for two terms in 1966.

The second stamp of King Charles III, from 2018, “showcases His Majesty seated at his desk, symbolising a lifetime of duty and leadership”.

This collection marks King Charles lifelong connection to Australia, which he has visited 16 times and considers among “the happiest times of my life”.

All three limited edition stamps are priced at $1.20 and are now on sale across the country.

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