Aussie rages about the price of $13 juice at cafe

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If there’s one thing Aussies can agree on at the moment, it is that everything is getting too expensive.

Enter Anthony Voulgaris, a viral creator on TikTok who has amassed 12 million views and 100,000 followers and describes himself as a “cheeky boy”.

In a video that has struck a chord with Aussies, Anthony sat in his car – a popular setting for those in Generation Z to rant about their woes – and spoke his truth.

He shared that he was outraged by the price of a fresh juice at a cafe. Now, we’ve all heard about the horrors of how expensive avocado is on toast. Remember last year when Little Jack Horner, a cafe in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, started charging $10.90 for a side of avocado?

The price was more than five times what you’d pay for a single avocado at a supermarket, and people were distressed.

Well, now there’s a new cafe item to be horrified by.

“Quick question: At what point did it become normal to pay $13 for juice at a cafe?” Voulgaris asked.

Juice has yet to become a symbol of inflation, but Anthony’s question certainly deserves to be answered.

Anthony’s rant didn’t end there. He actually had more burning questions about when everything had become so expensive in Australia.

“At what point did it become normal to pay $7 for a bag of chips? Better yet, $4.50 for f**king sushi, and you literally go to dinner, and it is $70 … unless you want a kebab for dinner,” he said.

Anthony finished his point by joking that he wanted to have “a word” with inflation.

The creator’s rant spurred on a bunch of Aussies to share the prices of everyday items that were leaving them gobsmacked.

One commented that they’d seen ham and cheese croissants now costing $17. Another promptly replied and called that price a “crime”.

Another revealed she tries to support her local cafe, but a large iced coffee is now $8.30, and someone else shared they were sick of paying $8 for a coffee.

The answers came pouring in.

“I paid $18 for 8 takeaway dumplings, and I almost passed out.”

“Kebabs are almost $20 now.”

“The sushi one enrages me. I paid $19 for two sushi rolls and a Gatorade the other day.”

“$25 for pizza or $25 for a burger. It is absolutely f**ked.”

“Yep, it’s crazy. I got a coffee and a toastie. It was $16.”

“I hate when people come to my work and only buy water because why is it $6.80 for water? I feel awful selling it,” wrote another.