Aussie radio hosts reel as ‘next level mistake’ plays out on-air

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A breakfast radio host in Queensland was in “disbelief” after his co-worker made a “next level mistake” on air.

A street team member who drives the Star 102.7 promotional vehicle called into The Johnny and Inkie Breakfast Show in Cairns on Tuesday, and let slip that co-host Johnny Wilson was expecting a baby, a fact that hadn’t yet been revealed to listeners – or even to some of Johnny’s friends.

During his cross from the city centre, Jake (street team member) said on air: “There are a few people down here, even people walking around with their prams. That’ll be you soon, Johnny, walking around with your little one on the way.”

Radio host shocked after pregnancy revealed on air

Johnny dropped his head into his hands in disbelief as he replied, “Um … oh man”.

It was left to Johnny’s co-host, Inkie, to explain to Jake that he had just stuffed up big time.

“Jake, no one knew that Johnny’s about to be a dad,” Inkie said.

“No one knew that Jess (Johnny’s partner) is pregnant yet. We hadn’t announced it.

“We all know internally, obviously … but yeah, J-Man hasn’t announced the exciting news … so you’ve just announced that for him,” she said.

A visibly upset Johnny then added: “That’s not quite how I planned to do it, mate.”

Speaking to about the awkward mistake, Johnny said: “I was in disbelief. It’s funny now, but in the actual moment it wasn’t so hilarious.”

He denied the slip-up was staged, saying: “I wish it was a prank, but no, it was a next level mistake.”

While the majority of Johnny’s friends and family knew that Jess, his partner, was 29 weeks pregnant, some only found out when the radio show posted the clip on social media on Tuesday.

As for Jake, he has apologised to Johnny several times.

“He messaged me straight after the on-air call saying, ‘I’m so sorry,’” Johnny told

“As I left yesterday, he also pulled me aside and said, ‘look, I genuinely am sorry.’ I told him, ‘it’s okay, I know that you’re feeling bad about it.’”

Johnny and Inkie can be heard each weekday from 6-9am on Star 102.7

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