Aussie mum reveals she’s ‘teaching daughter to depend on a man’

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An Australian stay-at-home mum has attracted criticism after revealing she is teaching her young daughter to “depend” on her future husband and “serve” her family.

Jasmine Dinis is part of the growing “tradwife” movement, which has modern-day women choosing to embody ultra-conservative gender roles.

The mum-of-one has amassed a huge following documenting her “submissive” life, which sees her regularly baking, cleaning and sharing Bible passages.

But one of her recent clips has riled viewers up, after Jasmine revealed she was teaching her little girl “it is perfectly acceptable to depend on a man”.

'I'm teaching my daughter to depend on a man'

The video, which has amassed over 2 million views to date, shows the mum holding her young daughter in her arms as the pair set to task cooking.

“In a world full of women teaching their children that their only goal is to go to university, get a good job and make money, I’m teaching my little girl to live a slow life, to be a biblical women that wants a husband & a beautiful family that she can serve daily,” she captioned the video.

Criticism came in thick and fast, with many claiming the notion of a woman “serving” a man husband was “anti-feminist” and potentially “dangerous”.

“Girls – don’t depend on anyone else but YOU! You are your own rock, your own foundation, your own future,” one argued.

“Nope nope nope, I lived this. I left three years ago and am still financially and emotionally abused by him,” another bravely shared.

Another commenter wrote: “I held my mom as she cried bc she couldn’t leave her abusive breadwinner husband. She asked me to promise her I’d get an education and a career.”

“This is really dangerous! Being a stay-at-home mum is a valid life choice but to SERVE? No,” one raged.

Others said they hoped Jasmine would “still accept” her daughter if she grew up to not share her “traditional” views.

“I think it’s more important to support our children unconditionally regarding what path in life they want to take,” one said.

“I think it’s more important to support our children unconditionally regarding what path in life they want to take,” someone else mused.

As some revealed exactly what happens when you “depend too heavily on a man who can’t provide for you, leaves you or hurts you?”.

“I did this and he cheated and left me with no car, job, and place to live,” one revealed.

“My mum gave up everything to support my dad’s career and raise us. My dad filed for divorce after 37 years. My mum has been through hell,” another detailed.

A handful of commenters were supportive of Jasmine’s message, stating it was a “fulfilling” way to live.

“She’s teaching her daughter there is still empowerment in creating a home. If it doesn’t apply to you that’s fine,” one said, addressing the backlash.

“You’re an incredible mother and living this way is fulfilling in the deepest level,” another agreed.

Jasmine appears undeterred by the heat, later sharing a video addressing criticism of her “tradwife” lifestyle, with the caption: “The comments section is a very entertaining place for gals like me.”

In other videos she has shared about her self-described traditional lifestyle, Jasmine has revealed she “doesn’t want a job”, and has no interest in having a career.

“I want to be cooking in the kitchen, I want to be cleaning. I want to do all the things… I don’t want to be the bread winner,” she said.