Aussie movie classic The Castle is getting slammed on social media

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The Castle is a classic Aussie movie that’s beloved by so many around the nation, but there appears to be a growing number of people who have a major complaint about it.

While numerous catchphrases from the flick have made their way into everyday Australian dialect over the years, some modern day viewers are claiming the influence the film has had on certain parts of Aussie culture has been less than positive.

A row has broken out on social media this week, with numerous viewers claiming the film has done major damage to urban planning in Australia since its release almost three decades ago.

“The film that did irreparable damage to urban planning in Australia,” claimed a fan on Twitter.

“A converge towards self entitlement and hypocrisy, a surrender to urban sprawl and sitting on a motorway two hours a day, “ they continued.

Another agreed, replying: “I have a theory, which is more based off my hazy memories of 2000sish television than anything… after the Castle, Michael was the host of hot property, which I suspect played a large part in kicking off the property bubble.”

While another pondered: “Literally when the housing boom took off. Coincidence?”

However, not everyone agreed with the complaints, and many fans of the classic film rushed to defend it.

“I’m in flames over this, one of my favourite movies of all time. I’ll be thinking about this tweet late at night when I can’t sleep,” ranted one user.

“Do you look at everything through the same insufferable, joyless lens?” hit back another.

While a third replied: “The family in question was being pushed into sprawl accommodation. “The solution to motorway trauma is solid public transport!”

Aussie screen legend Michael Caton played the family patriarch Darryl Kerrigan in the film and he appeared on Today on Friday to discuss the controversy, but it was his wife Helen who really stole the segment after she heard about the recent backlash.

“That’s f**ked!” she said bluntly in the background as her husband’s face went white while live on-air.

The comment had the Today hosts in stitches and all Caton could say in response was: “Oh my God! That’s my wife”.

“’Oh my God’ is right,” Karl Stefanovic replied while laughing. “Working Dog Productions have their sequel to The Castle right in your home Michael, truly.”