American influencer apologises for ‘offending’ Australia with hilarious Milo incident

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An TikTok star from the United States has hilariously apologised for “offending the entire country of Australia” by the way he opened a tin of Milo.

Colt Paulsen wanted to share his reaction to trying a Tim Tam slam for the first time but made the huge mistake of innocently taking a can opener to his Milo tin – horrifying Australian viewers.

Paulsen did not realise he had done anything wrong until Aussies flooded the comments of his video declaring their souls left their bodies and that it was painful to watch.

“Genuinely, I thought I was getting trolled because all of the comments saying ‘I cannot believe you just opened a Milo with a can opener’,” he told

“Because in my mind, it’s the same size as a can of soup and it’s metal, like, I wouldn’t have expected to open it any other way.”

Paulsen then posted a follow-up video pleading for an explanation.

“I could not wrap my head around how I was doing anything incorrect,” he said.

“And now I am so embarrassed of documenting my biggest blonde moment ever. I don’t think I will be able to ever do a Tim Tam slam again without being triggered.”

He followed that up with a video apologising to “the entire country of Australia and New Zealand, and any neighbouring continent” for his actions.

Paulsen, whose online moniker ‘Gay Man with a Spray Tan’ has more than 1 million TikTok followers, assured he quickly became well-versed in the world of Milo.

“I feel like I offended the entire continent all while bringing everyone together,” he said.

“Thanks to the thousands of people that stitched my video showing me the correct way to open a Milo.

“I feel like I’m a Milo pro! I’m ready to make the Milo sandwich. I’ve even been eating Milo straight out of the tin with just a spoon.”

He went as far as putting his hand up for Milo ambassador.

Just days after rubbing shoulders with Kylie and Kris Jenner last month, Paulsen – who has a partnership with Australian born company Bondi Sands as ‘Chief Tanning Officer’ – flew to Australia for the first time.

Despite having to take the longest flight he had ever been on, Paulsen said he had the time of his life in Melbourne.

“It surprisingly reminded me of New York City but cleaner and tanner,” he said.

It wasn’t just Milo he tried for the first time either.

“I’m obsessed with the V energy drinks. My favourite snacks are (Arnott’s) Shapes. They are so addictive, and I can’t get enough of all the Caramilk chocolates. Like, I tried a candy bar with pop rocks. I was so shook,” he said.

Of course, he also tried Melbourne’s famous coffee.

“It’s so good and the baristas are so much hotter,” he said. “Our coffee doesn’t even compare. It’s so watered down.”

He added: “Vegemite is still on my list of Australian delicacies to try. But, before I do that, I’m not having a repeat and will be doing my research.”

Paulsen, who is from Los Angeles, said the most surprising part of his trip Down Under was realising there were not kangaroos just jumping through Melbourne, and he had to visit Melbourne Zoo to see them.

He was also taken aback by the our different names for things.

“The different slang I think was my favourite part realising like a parking garage is called a car park or trash cans are called bins,” he said.

“What’s really confusing is that in the word Melbourne, Australians don’t pronounce the ‘r’ but when it comes to saying the word no they add an ‘r’ so it sounds like ‘naur’. It’s my favourite thing.”

Paulsen said now that he had accidentally managed to reach millions of Aussies, he wants them to know he is “obsessed” and can’t wait to come back.

“ … and I hope you can forgive me. I LOVE YOU MATE!” he said.