Adidas And Bugatti Team Up To Create Motorsport-Inspired Football Boot

Motoring and football fans can now combine their two passions – as Bugatti and Adidas have teamed up to design a football boot. The boot melds the world of high-speed automobiles with cutting-edge sportswear, resulting in a collection that showcases Bugatti’s dedication to speed and performance. A carbon fiber inlay in the boot’s tooling mirrors the carbon fiber used in Bugatti cars, further emphasising the link between the two brands. The design of the X Crazyfast collection incorporates Bugatti’s iconic Bugatti Blue, a shade inspired by the early Bugatti Grand Prix cars. This distinctive colour serves as an instant identifier for enthusiasts of the brand, symbolising a century of motorsport success and unparalleled performance. The collection also pays homage to Ettore Bugatti, the motoring firm’s founder whose vision continues to inspire the world of hyper sports cars. His timeless insignia adorns the rear three-quarter section of the boot, paying tribute to his enduring influence on the high performance sports car industry. As with every Bugatti creation, these items will remain rare and highly sought after by devoted collectors for years to come.

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