Abbie Chatfield slams MAFS groom’s ‘disgusting’ comments about her

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Media personality Abbie Chatfield has slammed “disgusting” comments from an ex-TV star who claimed that, now she’s approaching 30, she has fallen into the “unmarriable” camp.

Harrison Boon, 32, was one of the grooms on Married At First Sight last year; perhaps his biggest claim to fame is that, even though he was paired with Bronte on the show, he allegedly got another woman’s number on a boy’s night.

Naturally, because he was part of such a successful show, he has now amassed over 60,000 followers on Instagram and recently went live on Instagram to discuss Chatfield.

Chatfield, 28, appeared on The Bachelor in 2019 and has since gone on to amass over 400,000 followers on Instagram, host a successful podcast, judge The Masked Singer, and host Australia’s version of F-Boy Island.

She’s also remained outspoken. She’s sex-positive and has spoken about being in a non-monogamous relationship before.

Boon was discussing the idea of being “unmarriable”, a term he claimed he coined to describe someone who isn’t marriage material.

“If you’re an unmarriable. Abbie Chatfield is a perfect example. She’s approaching 30 and in the danger zone now,” he said.

Abbie Chatfield responds to Harrison Boon's comments about her

The former MAFS groom said that the term ‘unmarriable’ only applies to women because men are the ones that are doing the marrying.

“Women are the ones asking to be picked. Men set the price of relationships and marriage, and women set the price of sex and dating,” he said.

Boon also claimed that women peak between the ages of 18-24 and that Chatfield was riding a “c**k carousel” from one relationship to the next.

Chatfield responded to Boon’s rant on her podcast and said that his comments proved he has “resentment” and “anger” towards women.

She also said that some of the language he used was “scary” and “dangerous”.

She pointed out that she felt the rant was a response to how some men feel because they are losing power and “control” over women.

“They want to have a choice and have control over women, because they’re seeing that power slip away with progression,” she said.

“It seems like he’s doing it because he thinks he’ll get attention from it, because he’s so desperate for money or for attention or to be the next Andrew Tate.”

She added: “Saying I’m ‘on a cock carousel’, I’m ‘being broken up with left, right and centre’, I am ‘devaluing sex in women’. I know that you are incapable of having a fulfilling relationship or friendship or any kind of interaction with another human, when you are living your life with that much resentment and anger towards women.”

Ultimately, Chatfield said that his argument that she was somehow unmarriable lacked logic and was “embarrassing”.

“You also aren’t very good at content. I’ve seen your sh*t, it’s not very f**king interesting. Not very eloquent. You aren’t good at this job. You aren’t smart. You aren’t saying anything actually productive,” she said.