Have you explored the "List Building" potential
of organizing your own "Giveaway Event"?

When you run your own giveaway event you build a list of not only the members who sign up for the gifts entered in the event, but you also gain a list of professional marketers who joint venture with you as contributors in the event.

Running your own Giveaway Event also has a strong financial potential, with the upgrade options, and the one time offer sales. It is very easy to monetize an event with additional promotions for products and programs you offer, thus furthering your sign up and affiliate downline development.

When you consider how much time and effort you spend to build your list, running your own giveaway event will totally amaze you. Never with so little effort will you be able to increse your list size so quickly.

How much money and time have you spent trying to learn online marketing, and how big is your list from your efforts? Wouldn't you like it to be more?

We have developed the flat out fastest process for not only building a list, but showing you all you need to know to continue maximum success with all your future giveaway event efforts. With a one on one communications, you will be able to get instruction that others only direct you to another link and leave you to figure it out. How to create special offer pages, what are good squeeze pages and how to create them. What makes the best gift for the most signups, and how to approach building the ever important relationship with your list.

Here's how it works. We:

Install the script

Design the Graphics (Based on your theme)

Host the Event on our Server

Build and install all the pages

Approve all the Gifts (Can be done automatically)

Approve all the One Time Offers (Can be done automatically)

Handle all the support issues as required

Advertise for your event from start to finish insuring maximum promotion

Work with you from start to finish

Show you how to get the most from giveaway events

For your part, you will submit your creative theme idea for the event (remember this is your event). Decide on bonuses, commissions, contributor and members upgrades, then sit back and watch your list grow.

The Benefits of Having your own Event:

Build a List of Members, and Joint Venture Contributors

Making New Contacts (Fantastic for future JV potential)

Branding Your Name (Instantly incresase recognition as a marketer)

Selling Upgrades

Selling Your Products

Monetize your event with other programs and opportunities

Recieve all admin payments for the event

Select all imput information. Number of gifts, offers, text ads, and commissions


What Our Customers Think

When I first saw Davids website advertising to run your own JV Giveaway for the price. I thought that it can't be a very good one with all the quality the likes run by other top marketers.

How wrong was I.

David is a real master at JV Giveaways. Not only working with me to set it up and get it running but he also advertises with you and brings in the major JV players.

Anyone looking to build their list and generate income, you really MUST work with David and his JV Giveaways.

I will personally be running my JV's with David. Not only does he know how to set it up and be successful, but he is a hell of a nice guy to work and partner with.

And I thank you David Railey.

Gary Neame
The Online Communtiy Giveaway

What Our Customers Think

I have bought into far more list building programs then I care to admit to, but never thought any thing could work the way this did.

Best money I ever spent, plus, I got it all back and a list to boot.

For not just building a list, but the best one on one learning opportunity I have experienced anywhere, I have to say thank you David, and look forward to the next one.

Tony Hollon
The Gridmaster
Tony Hollon's Mega Gifts Giveaway

What Our Customers Think

I have always wanted to run my own JV Giveaway Event, but didn't think I had the experience to pull it off. Then I came across David Railey, saw his work and decided to let him show me how to do it.

Best decision I ever made!.

David worked with me personally right from the beginning, setting everything up and explaining what to do and how to do it. He brought in tons of signups himself and greatly contributed to the overall success of my first JV Giveaway Event.

I will personally be running my JV's with David. Not only does he know how to set it up and be successful, but he is a hell of a nice guy to work and partner with.

Thanks David, for making this such a good experience. I'm really looking forward to my next one.

Rick Ray
The Grand Slam Giveaway
The Best Blogging Giveaway

What Our Customers Think

I love working with David!

When we connected we were both doing giveaway events and decided to do one together. It was by far one of the best run and organized events I have ever been a part of!

After the success of this event I then hired David to do my own giveaway. "Let Them Eat Cake" for my bday celebration Giveaway.
What fun!!
He let me be a part of all the design, text, and the entire organizational part of the event. He is easy to work with and very reachable. I really like that part as I have worked with folks that I can never get a hold of and that is very frustrating!

What is extremely wonderful about David is his graphics. Being a graphic designer my self, I am very critical when it comes to this department. I love Davids unique way of looking at things. He has a great eye and always comes up with great stuff! What an imagination!

I definitely will be doing more with David in the future. Why leave a great thing? Thanks David for everything. Not only as a business person, but as a new friend as well.

Adrienne Lee
Let Them Eat Cake Giveaway

What Our Customers Think


A JV event is a very original approach to getting subscribers!!!

Thank you for ALL your help in helping me to get more new subscribers on my list. Great job and highly recommended!

Looking forward to a long lasting business relationship

Anne Marie Ronsen
The Experts Marketing Giveaway

With our 1000 event sign up guarantee you simply can not lose. If you fail to receive 1000 signups to your event for any reason we will include you as a co host of our next event absolutely free.

If you have ever wanted to run a Giveaway Event to build your list, this is the quickest and easiest way to go!

Ok now that you have seen what running your own giveaway event can do for you, I am sure you want to know how much we charge for this service.

This service can easily go for $500.00, $1,000.00, $1,500.00 or more, but we are running this service on special for you, right now, and we can promise you that it will not last very long.

So what is the cost?

For A Limited Time We Are Offering This For Only $197!

Not ready for a full giveaway event yet? No Problem! Come on in and have a look at our Co- Host option. With our 1000+ giveaway event signup guarantee...you'll simply be amazed!

Grab A Co-Hosted Event For Only $39.95!

Come on in and explore more about the giveaway experience. Get in on our first to know announcements about all of our new and supported events, plus tips and tools to help you build your list. ListBuilderJV.com is free to join.

Are you excited yet? Then go on down and click the button so we can get started.

If you have any questions please submit them HERE.

To your marketing success,

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